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Full Moon Incoming Feb 2024

February 21, 20244 min read

Incoming Full Moon

"The Moon can only fill up once it becomes empty. And it can only shine in all its glory once it’s gone through its darkest expression. It doesn’t berate its darkness or wish for it to be any other way (as far as we know)." — Carl Jung

Every 29.5 days, the moon completes a full circuit of the Earth. Each lunar phase, from New Moon to Full Moon, back to the New Moon represents a different point in the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Consider that the Moon controls the tides. It moves vast bodies of water and not unlike ourselves on a great hydrated day (up to 80%!), we can be affected by the pull too.

Whether we’re fully aware and using the lunar phases, aware and wanting to learn more or simply curious. Understanding and tracking where we are in the cycle can support how we can be affected and harness the energies to our advantage.

Do you use the Lunar Cycle as a map or as a guide?

Do you tap into the innate energies that are there each and every moonth? (​​The Moonth is the 29.5 days the moon takes to orbit the earth).

Following the energies of the Lunar Cycle can be enlightening, supportive and fun!

  • Gain clarity with how each phase can support you to be and feel more in flow, less against the current.

  • Identify how your energy feels with each phase and stop beating yourself up when the battery feels low for no apparent reason. Remove the Must. Keep. Going.

  • Understand why you may feel inclined to tidy, clean and declutter. This can affect all areas of life, not just the home or work environment. Think about this digitally, or with relationships too.

  • Recognise when you feel overwhelmed, out of sorts, shouty or like removing yourself from life for a day or two (or longer!)

Full Moon Incoming

Possibly the most known and talked about, as it’s visible it the night sky.

Consider the Full Moon energy to be like a huge torch shining onto areas of our lives including situations, behaviours or people. It is both enlightening and high energy.

Every area of life will be illuminated. This can be uncomfortable as it’s not always what we anticipate or expect. Working with the Full Moon energy supports us in becoming aware, accepting and taking the action we need to keep going.

A great time to be seen, to launch an idea, to have the conversation you’ve been putting off. We get to see situations, relationships or next steps clearly as they are.

A time to release and let go or to take the confirmation we’re on track. Consider anything that may need adjusting or course correcting that was set as an intention at the New Moon.

Leading up to a Full Moon, you may experience what I call The Full Moon Frenzies - an urge to clear, to clean, to tidy, to sort. This can affect us in both our home and work environments but digitally too. A great time to clear those emails, detox the online connections. Make space for the new.

moon phases

So, what next?

Here are some top tips to work with the Full Moon energy, which peaks Saturday 24 February at 12:30pm.

  1. Take a moment to be outside and look up. You may also see the Moon in the morning if the skies are clear.

  2. Have a tidy up and a clean, you may be surprised how quickly this happens when supported by Full Moon energy.

  3. Tidy and clean digitally. There's a ruthlessness around a Full Moon.

  4. If you're a crystal lover, this is a great time to sit them on a window or outside to cleanse and charge.

  5. Sit a crystal on top of a jar of water and allow the properties to infuse the water. Add the water to a bath to enjoy your moon infused water.

  6. Download an app to chart the Lunar Phase. I love amongst others.

  7. Download my free digital 2024 Lunar Phase Calendar for your mobile. Click to copy and download. Image will be saved into your photos. Set as wallpaper.



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