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When Thoughts Become Things and People.

February 14, 20245 min read

"By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it". - Wallace D. Wattles

Thoughts Become Things and People.

Rich and I met through our University, back in the unforgettable 90s (or is that un-rememberable??) At the time our romantic paths didn’t cross but we stayed in touch.

Social Media was growing and we rekindled our friendship in 2007. I share the story that Rich stalked me on Facebook, he recalls the story differently, of course.

A meet up, became a date, a date turned into a weekend, that weekend turned into a proposal. Still to marry (planned for 2025) we have been happily together for 16 years and counting.

Starting To Consider A Family.

We travelled, partied, worked, enjoyed adventures together. 

Although in mid 30s, I had never considered not being a parent. I suppose it sat at the back of the think-tank as a right, a passage, a transition, a switch to be flicked to on, when we chose it.

Project management at it’s best! 

My body had different ideas and didn’t respond to the project management approach. 

How very dare!

We began to take the role of being parents a little more seriously. The charting, the planning, the supplements, the holistic therapies, the nutrition. Nothing.

At the time I was studying as a Reproductive Reflexologist, another tool for the treatments toolbox. I was practicing on my myself doing the weekly protocols on both by hands and feet. 

A short lived surprise. A confirmation.

January 2014, a missed period and a positive pregnancy test. Our worlds changed within a few seconds. Sadly this was not to be, we miscarried later in the month. 

An emotional roller coaster of a time, resulting in medical management as my body refused to not be pregnant, based on my hormone readings.

As a solution finder, the eternal optimist and always looking for the gifts in the challenges, I was able to conceive. My body hadn't let us down, we could do this!

Fast forward to 2016, a whole load of fertility appointments, ovulation inducing medication, the ruling out of IVF or assisted conception. As we were discharged from our fertility consultant, with an the option of egg donation or adoption as the only route to having our now, most wished for family.

Thoughts Becoming Things.

23 September 2016 on a train to London, I sat with my journal and wrote a letter to future me. The first paragraph detailed that I would be easily, effortlessly, happily and healthily pregnant. Letter completed and put away for a year in a dated envelope with a reminder to open it in my diary.

The rest of the year played out with me doing more and more visioning, more thinking, energy work, releasing work including a huge aha moment that my paternal grandma wanted boys to carry on the family name. Had I taken on this energy in utero that I wasn't good enough as a girl? 

I worked though all of this with EFT, Past Life Matrix Reimprinting and other gorgeous energy therapies. I was my own project! It was insightful to say the least.

I love a Vision Board, always have. Having spent my former years being at art college, followed a design degree and an unfolding career in Visual Merchandising, Interiors, Retail Design and Consulting, this was a non negotiable process in creation and realisation. 

Have the idea, create the visual representation, take the necessary action to evolve the idea.

Creating a Vision Board in January 2017, was no different. With the exception that I hadn’t included any representation of a family, pointed out by Rich.

The board was full, there was no space for an image of a baby. This reminded me of how I worked with fertility clients at the time, with a first question of “what does having a family mean to you?”. Time and time again, the responses would be complete. A baby would make me/us complete. 

I thought of this as I tried to squeeze in the image of a baby I had grabbed from the internet. 

We were already complete, a baby wasn’t going to complete us. With this huge revelation, I stuck a pin through its head and plonked it on the Vision Board.

vision board

The Incoming Soul

Two weeks later. February 14 2017 to be precise. Rich and I took the afternoon off and celebrated Valentines with a delicious afternoon tea at Jameson’s, a local eatery. 

An 'earlyish' night and some us time, our incoming soul was coming to join us. 

I was late to discover that our incoming soul had come to play, I was around 8 weeks pregnant  and had stopped tracking periods, I simply thought I was perimenopausal.

The best and biggest surprise! 

I had the easiest, most effortless and happy pregnancy. Funny that, those were the exact words echoed back to me when I opened up the future me letter, 23 September 2017. 

I was 7 months pregnant, due November 11. 

Thoughts become things, with inspired actions. With a knowing, a feeling, a trust and belief.

Happy Valentines 2024.

Dedicated to Baby #1, who taught us plenty and paved the way for little sister Olive.

vision board

So, what next?

Feeling inspired to consider your future life, do you dare to dream?

  1. Consider the Don't Wants. What would you rant about to a friend? What happens in your life that you are really fed up with? What is the broken record?

  2. Flip the list and create the Do Wants. Dream big. Dare to dream.

  3. Check in whether they are your wants or someone else's. If they are someone else's. let them go.

  4. Create a visual representation of the Do Wants. On a board, do it digitally. Put it somewhere that you will see on a daily basis. Save it as a screensaver for your phone or desktop.

  5. Review regularly, check in with what's unfolding.

  6. Be patient, trust the process.

  7. Celebrate as you tick off each creation.

The next one day workshop dedicated to this very process is Saturday 06 April, Millhouses. Sheffield. DM to get the link.


Lynn Butler

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