My approach to support you is rooted in empathy, trust, and a deep understanding of your human potential.

I believe that everyone has all of their answers within.

These answers are waiting to be connected to.

Whether you're seeking reconnection, a defined identity or simply relaxation.

I'm here to help you create and achieve your goals.

To support you to reconnect with you.

Change can be big and scary sometimes.

You know that you don't want to feel how you're feeling, doing the same things, getting annoyed with yourself. Feeling the stress, the anxiety and the overwhelm but you are too confused what to change first.

Maybe what you're experiencing is paralysing you and making you feel even more anxious?

I reckon that there this no such thing as a coincidence.

You may be reading this, as you're done with feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, anxious, overwhelmed and all the unhelpful, fed up with this now, how has everyone else got it so sorted thoughts that spin around on a loop within your noggin.

Change can feel big and scary and difficult and probably expensive, but that's a feeling not fact!

Why don't we have a virtual cuppa and a natter to see what's really going on for you, think about how you might like to feel and what that teeny, tiny, first step could look like?

We'll chat over Zoom and if by the end of it, you're not convinced, that's absolutely okay. Regardless of how our paths may or may not continue I promise to share a tool or technique to help you.

Something easy for you to help yourself with.

Half an hour, we'll cover lots. Book in.

If not for you of today, do it for you of tomorrow.


Passionate, professional, caring, knowledgable, funny are some of the ways clients describe me in their feedback and reviews.

I'd tend to agree!

I absolutely love the work I get to do and so happy that it comes across. Doing what I do, being me. Walking and working with the path that presented itself nearly 20 years ago, when we lost Dad suddenly to bowel cancer.

Loving, living and learning. Experiencing this rollercoaster ride and playground that we call life. Navigating the wins, wobbles and everything in between.

The highs, the lows, falling off spectacularly and getting back up.

Again and again and again.

I love life, and I love learning. The eternal student.

I am intuitive and take action confidently on inner wisdom, insights and nudges. My intutition goes by the name of Her Indoors. Sometimes, she shouts at me if I take too long to action the nudges.

I plonked an image of a baby on a vision board and two weeks later, conceived our daughter. Despite being discharged from our fertility consultant who shared we'd never have a family naturally because of my age. I was 44 when we had Olive.

I am embracing Menopause and all that comes with it. Transitioning into the next beautiful phase of my life. Giving less and less flying flip flops to the external factors in life, that I simply no longer want to give energy or time to.

My most used phrases are:

"No such thing as a coincidence".

"Thoughts become things - be careful what you wish for."

"If it's not a yes, then it's a no".

My path is support, guide and help. To Positively Affect Change in everything I think do and say.

I am Lynn. I love life, living and learning.


Which session do I book?

If you know which in person session you would like to book, simply choose that in the online calendar at the top of the page. Selecting your preferred date and time.

In person sessions are available in 120, 90 or 45 minute blocks of time.

For an initial session or if we've not worked together in the past 6 months please choose 90 Minutes to include a consultation.

Reflexology | Facial Reflexology | Energy Healing (Reiki & Seichem)

If you are unsure, I would be happy to guide you. Book in for a free discovery call so that I can learn more about what is happening and not happening for you right now.

Who are you registered with - I can claim on my health insurance?

I am trained and affiliated with the Association of Reflexologists (AOR), the UK's largest governing body. My membership number is 22549.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I am with the EFTRRA EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy.

What is the difference between foot and facial reflexology?

Reflexology is a beautiful therapy whereby the whole body is mapped out over the feet, hands, face, head and ears. Typically known as a treatment applied to the feet.The most relaxing treatment you could ever receive, according to my clients.

The feet feedback as to what’s going on with the whole body health. This can be through the temperature, skin texture, colouration or dryness. The aim of a treatment is to gently encourage whole body healing through sedation, stimulation and balancing of each reflex point.Encouraging the body to return to its most healthy, balanced and vibrant self - homeostasis.

Facial Reflexology Although not as well known as Foot Reflexology, equally as wonderful. The main difference between the two is that Facial Reflexology uses a minimum of 7 'maps' with over 100 specific protocols, depending on the requirement of the treatment.

Amazing for supporting neurological conditions as we are working so close to the brain.

There are side effects with this treatment - radiant glow, lymph drainage to reduce puffiness, muscle toning and increased collagen production!

Many clients enjoy alternating foot and facial reflexology sessions or enjoying a longer session whereby we can incorporate both.

Clients have experienced:

Ultimate Relaxation

Increased Self Belief,

Confidence & Esteem

Reduced Stress & AnxietyI

Improved Sleep

Balanced Hormones

Fertility & Maternity Support

Reduced Physical Aches and Pains

I am pregnant, can I be treated?

Absolutely! I have trained in Fertility, Maternity and Reproductive Reflexology and love supporting both you and your baby. Client choice may be to come after 12 weeks, although I am happy and confident to work with you at any stage of pregnancy.

Do you offer remote reiki or energy healing?

Yes! Reiki and Seichem are universal energies that can be sent over the 'airwaves'.

No travel or parking to worry about. Choose a 45 Minutes session, I will be in touch to discuss if you would prefer fully remote (no technology or via video call).

Do you offer block bookings?

Indeed. Similar to going to a gym, whatever we do consistently will always yield better results. Sessions can be bought singularly but if you are ready to commit to regular you time, I offer a 12 session package. This is valid for 12 months from purchase.

Millhouses Business Centre, 2-4 Abbeydale Rd S, Millhouses, Sheffield S7 2QN, UK